About Meatless

Meatless, The Movie is the premiere documentary film debut from Big Happy Films. The film is an exploration of the vegetarian diet, including all the subsets of vegetarianism. The film also covers one meat-lover’s attempt to go meatless for 90 days.


Over 35 million cows are sent to slaughter in the United States each year. Over 23 million chickens are killed in the United States each day. The environmental implications are staggering. From the methane produced by cows, which is the second largest pollutant to the atmosphere and a major contributor to global warming, to the use of chemical repellents that leach their way into our water systems and into our drinking faucets, something has to change. The social and moral implications of industrial farming stem from it’s poor treatment of the animals, the poor diet they are given, and the use of antibiotics to treat the maladies created by this cycle. Our cows, chicken and farm raised fish are being fed the equivalent of poison, which in turn makes their way to our dinner table.

Shane Close

“When my wife posed the question, ‘can you go meatless?’ There was a long silence as I pondered the consequences of the question. Then I realized, I know nothing about vegetarianism, let along if I could go without meat. Thus began my exploration of what it means to be a vegetarian, why people go vegetarian and how sustainable it could be to my life. As my research unfolded, I began to uncover so many things that I gambled the average person didn’t know about vegetarians and the food we eat. Between the social and moral implications of eating “animal flesh”, and the environmental impact of supporting industrial farming, I found many reasons why I should at least ”try it on for size.”

This film is my journey to better understand the vegetarian lifestyle, find out why people become vegetarian, and ultimately to take the plunge and see if a vegetarian diet can fit a meat-lover’s lifestyle. I am going to find out if I can go meatless.” -Shane Close, Designer & Filmmaker

For 90 days, I will be going meatless. The first month is a lacto-ovo diet, meaning dairy only, but no meat, poultry or seafood. The next month and a half would be a pure vegan diet, meaning no dairy, no flesh and no food derived from animals or animal products. Finally, the last two weeks would be spent on a raw foods diet — easily the most difficult part of my journey.

 Please feel free to follow me on my journey and provide comment and feedback along the way.

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