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Day 71 – My Next Film Title: Penniless

Tonight, my wife and I went shopping at Whole Foods. We even had a gift card from a dear close friend who wanted to help us on our meatless journey. We still walked out with only a few paperless bags full of groceries and a wholelot less money than when we arrived. If the film doesn’t break us, the shopping surely will. Since our entire film is self-funded, it has strapped us thin. In an effort to buy new foods, faux foods and organics to explore the vegan diet, we are spending a lot on groceries. Where is that product placement check from Morning Star or Chiquita when you need it. Continue reading

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The Vegan Quest for B12

An odd observation I have come across during my research into vegetarian diets is the issue of B12 and the deficiency vegans can have due to their diet. B12 is only found naturallyin animal products such as meat, chicken, dairy, etc. The lack of B12 in a human diet can have all sorts of bad side effects including dementia and anemia. Pregnant mothers who do not get enough B12 in their diet can put their babies at risk of brain damage as well. I have heard countless stories from people that says we humans were not meant to eat meat based on our long intestinal track and various other similarities to herbivores. I have also heard arguments from the opposition. I am sure the truth lay somewhere in between. But, one question remains. If we were not meant to eat meat, yet we can only get an essential vitamin such as B12 from animal products naturally, then does that make the argument mute or does it just mean our meat consumption over the years has built up the need for B12? Either way, it’s something that needs to be discussed and not overlooked for a fair and balanced documentary. Continue reading

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It’s Elementary, Dear Watson

The more I research the topic of vegetarians and why people move toward a plant-based diet, the more I am completely baffled why it isn’t common practice. I suppose I know ‘why’, but I am no less baffled. We can … Continue reading

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Vegan and the Athlete

Sounds like a bad movie title, I know. However, this is an important issue to anyone who considers a vegan diet and trains for various athletic endeavours. My wife and I were training for the ING Marathon that takes place in

January 2011. We decided to drop it down to the half marathon this year, due mostly to time constraints from filming Meatless. We were both very curious how the diet, especially the vegan portion, would affect our training. I admit, in the beginning of the vegan phase, my energy was way down and I was dragging myself all over the place. I have since chalked that up to the transition, and not getting a grasp on my nutrition. However, since then, my energy levels has steadily returned to normal, and I feel well enough to surf, run or chase my daughter around the playground, as I ever did. I won’t go as far to say I have more energy yet, as that is still undetermined, and I am not sure I would be able to notice that in only 26 days of the vegan stage.
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A Far Cry From Choice

I’ve found myself drawnto trying faux foods. You know, foods that are trying to be something else. Take, for example, tofu. Tofu, which is derived from soy beans, is used as a textured filler in hundreds of dishes. Aside from providing needed protein, it is meant to fool the mouth’s recognition system into thinking you are eating meat. Some people have grown to love the taste by itself. I personally have rarely found it appetising. Nevertheless, I have been told by enough people that I “must try these great soy hotdogs” or “dude, it tastes just like chicken nuggets” enough times that I finally broke to and went to the store to find the vegan section at my local grocer. Once there, however, I discovered that your options outside of fresh fruit and vegetables are, to say the very least, limited. Continue reading

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