Day 70 – The Cheese that Binds… Us together

Looks better than it tasted

This afternoon my wife and I made a cheese-less pizza packed full of veggies and soy pepperoni. We topped it full of spinach, onions, roasted red peppers, garlic and olive oil. But, there was something missing. Something just wasn’t quite right. It was the cheese.  The supposed downfall of people moving from vegan to vegetarian, or so I hear. We talked about it over lunch. We both noted that, though cheese-less pizza can be done well (Check out Amy’s Cheese-less Pizza, rarely at your local grocer, but always at Whole Foods), this one just wasn’t cutting it. Cheese is what makes pizza… well, pizza. Its the one thing that holds all the toppings in place. Its the experience of the stringy cheese still stuck to the pan when you pull up a slice. It is part of the experience! I know they make dairy-less cheese, but I have yet to try one I like. So, in this instance, we felt a longing for dairy. It hasn’t happened that often to me on this experience. Today was a different story.

mmmm, comfy

Oh, and we had soup and salad for dinner and that was just dandy.

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Shane Close is an interactive designer and filmmaker. His passions include his family, surfing, design, film, video, costal environmental protection and travel. He is an executive board member of the Miami chapter of Surfrider Foundation and a former chairman. Shane also owns and manages an interactive design company with his wife, and is the co-founder of Big Happy Films, also with his wife Amber Close.
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  1. Glenn says:

    I used to live in a part of Rhode Island that has a large Italian population. There was a pizza shop there that was very traditional Italian – so you actually had to ask for cheese on your pizza if you wanted it. It was vegan without meaning to be!

    If you want the cheese-like experience, I’d recommend Daiya cheese. It’s the best non-dairy cheese available. It’s perfect for pizza since it melts really well and even has some of that cheesy stretchiness. They sell it at Whole Foods.

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