Day 71 – My Next Film Title: Penniless

Penniless: One Man’s Departure From His Money At Whole Foods
Tonight, my wife and I went shopping at Whole Foods. We even had a gift card from a dear close friend who wanted to help us on our meatless journey. We still walked out with only a few paperless bags full of groceries and a whole lot less money than when we arrived. If the film doesn’t break us, the shopping surely will. Since our entire film is self-funded, it has strapped us thin. In an effort to buy new foods, faux foods and organics to explore the vegan diet, we are spending a lot on groceries. Where is that product placement check from Morning Star or Chiquita when you need it.      
In all actuallity, the film is worth every dime we have put into it. The experience I have had, the foods I have tried and even come to love, and the people I have met along the way and continue to meet daily, have all made this an investment of a lifetime. I actually had a bit of hate mail from an animal rights activist a while back, claiming, among other things, that I was probably just making this film for the money. I had to smile when I read that. As anyone knows, most films never make it off the ground, let alone make a profit. No, this was an experiment in love. It has brought my wife and I closer, allowed us to do something with passion and for no other purpose than because we wanted to open people up to a positive message and engaging topics. It’s day 71 and it has been quite a ride. The best part is, it’s not even close to being over. Happy eating.   

p.s. We had frozen burritos, salad and hummus for dinner. Nothing special, but it did the trick.   

About Shane Close

Shane Close is an interactive designer and filmmaker. His passions include his family, surfing, design, film, video, costal environmental protection and travel. He is an executive board member of the Miami chapter of Surfrider Foundation and a former chairman. Shane also owns and manages an interactive design company with his wife, and is the co-founder of Big Happy Films, also with his wife Amber Close.
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