Day 72 – Duped by Dumplings

It seemed so harmless

I was duped. I couldn’t believe it. The wonderful onion and potato pierogies I enjoyed last night (and I believe one other time during this experiment) are tainted with dairy. Traces of milk and egg. I should have looked closer at the bag. I think I just thought for sure onions and potatoes with non-fresh pasta would be vegan friendly. Alas, they were not. I guess I should have wondered why the potatoes were so smooth and velvety. So, chalk yet another one in, thankfully, a short list of “Shane getting duped” by food. Cest la vi, right? I can only be more vigilant next time.

About Shane Close

Shane Close is an interactive designer and filmmaker. His passions include his family, surfing, design, film, video, costal environmental protection and travel. He is an executive board member of the Miami chapter of Surfrider Foundation and a former chairman. Shane also owns and manages an interactive design company with his wife, and is the co-founder of Big Happy Films, also with his wife Amber Close.
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