Day 75 – The Great Cheese Scare!

Last night, my wife and I went to our favorite joint, Deli Lane, in South Miami for a beer and some grub. We were meeting to talk about the film and try to get some business items taken care of. Since we go there often, are friends with the owners, we know a good portion of the wait staff and are friends with many. After I downed a delicious veggie burger, our waitress and friend Lisa asked us what we were up to. My wife replied by telling her about the film and my experiment. Her immediate reaction was, ” That veggie burger is not vegan, honey.” My face went pale as I tried to add up the number of times I had eaten a veggie burger here during the vegan phase. “What do you mean?” I replied. She answered with a calm and assurance that only comes from someone who feels strongly in their knowledge of a subject, “I am almost positive there is cheese in there. How do you think it is held together?”

I sank back in my chair, pulled my beer to my lips and before taking a drink, murmered something to the equivalent of, “F -me.” She quickly saw my distress and acted on it. “I am going to go check with the chef and make absolutey sure.”

After a few minutes of looking for labeling on the packaging, they went to the office and called Sysco to confirm the ingredients. I heard it as loudly as was plausible over the speaker-phone, “There is absolutely no dairy in veggie-burger X (whatever it was called).”

Everyone in the office shouted with a sense of glee, knowing what the stakes were if Lisa was right with her original assumption. I thanked the chef, thanked Lisa and walked away a happy and relieved man.

The moral of the story is; don’t ask don’t tell, or make absolutely sure, whatever you are ordering is what you think it is.

About Shane Close

Shane Close is an interactive designer and filmmaker. His passions include his family, surfing, design, film, video, costal environmental protection and travel. He is an executive board member of the Miami chapter of Surfrider Foundation and a former chairman. Shane also owns and manages an interactive design company with his wife, and is the co-founder of Big Happy Films, also with his wife Amber Close.
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One Response to Day 75 – The Great Cheese Scare!

  1. Harry says:

    Hello, In regards to the cheese scare you had. I’d like to note that the majority of the vegan cheeses out there contain “casein” as part of the ingredients. Casein is a milk protein, so that is something to would want to stay away from if going vegan. I’m not a vegan expert, but I’ve been vegan for almost 2 years. The only vegan cheese that I have found that does not contain casein is the “Toffuti” brand. It’s actually pretty good.

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