Day 76 – Goodbye To Vegan, Hello to Raw Vegan

A burrito big enough to fuel your car

It’s official. Phase two of my 90 day experiment is now complete. Tomorrow, I start a two-week journey into RAW VEGAN. I am totally unprepared for what lay ahead, and I will be traveling to Pittsburgh for a wedding during that time. If you have ever been to Pittsburgh, you know it isn’t exactly the epicenter of raw diets. This is the same place where they pile their french fries on top of their beef and place it between two slices of bread. The food is as hearty as the people, and there is no shortage of dining choices. From Indian to German, Italian to Thai, Pittsburgh will chew me up and spit me out before it is all said and done. Oh, and I haven’t even bought a food dehydrator yet. Looks like tomorrow will consist of fruits and salads.

About Shane Close

Shane Close is an interactive designer and filmmaker. His passions include his family, surfing, design, film, video, costal environmental protection and travel. He is an executive board member of the Miami chapter of Surfrider Foundation and a former chairman. Shane also owns and manages an interactive design company with his wife, and is the co-founder of Big Happy Films, also with his wife Amber Close.
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